Many people have wondered over the time, where do the good ideas come from. As creativity is becoming more valued in today’s society, the most efficiency-driven companies, especially in ICT sector, have started thinking on how to create an environment suitable for super-creative professionals to innovate.

Have you noticed that some of the best ideas come to people when they are on their time off? They come back to office with extraordinary illumination and start eagerly to carry it out. Wouldn’t it be great if more of our professionals have those valuable light bulb moments and boosts in motivation? Unfortunately the employers very often don’t know how to enhance it.

Well, usually this phenomena occurs:
-          when you are away from the emergencies of  your busy life and constant interference, you can start to see the big picture;
-          when you are in a relaxed atmosphere, it’s easier to remember what is really important;
-          when you are out of your common element, the creative part of your brain is stimulated in new and different ways.
Being away (not only on a vacation) is proved to be productive and some of the ICT companies therefore have started to sponsor working retreats. What does this mean?

For example, every year, Bill Gates goes into seclusion for a „Think Week“, from which employees, friends and even family are strictly banned. He is actively disconnected and can effectively reflect, reset and clearly rethink his goals and aspirations. On a Think Week he does a lot of research, reads variety of books and papers, takes long walks, thinks through big ideas and challenges deeply. He comes back with lot of reflected information, new ideas, old ideas, existing projects and proposed ones, which was the initial aim of the retreat.

The point is to give a person the time, space and quiet to think. To shut out so that he can let in the inputs. New idea is a new network of neurons in one’s brain. The patterns inside a person are mimicking the patterns outside. In order to accept the new pattern of reflection, the pattern outside needs a change as well.

Valdur Mikita in his book “Lingvistiline mets” is claiming that secluded nature (especially forest) is almost magical place for self-observation and individual brain-storming.
That’s where Võrumaa comes in.

If one is looking for a wide variety of quiet, inspirational, yet convenient small country houses in forests and on hills in Estonia, they usually turn to Võrumaa. Every small questhouse in the region has it’s unique way of making a gift for the visitor. This gift is the opportunity to get very close with the nature – deep forests, small lakes and picturesque hills. If that doesn’t change the patterns – what will!

During the remote work campaign, Võrumaa is inviting all the ICT companies in Estonia to use the opportunity of Think Weeks in Võrumaa. Best places for innovation are easily found here.